30 July 2018

Seven kisses - to rediscover the art of kissing


As inventors of the French kiss, we must honor our reputation as kiss geniuses. Here is a selection of the best kisses, from the most delicate to the naughtiest.

A kiss. What a wonder! What an incredible enjoyment when a kiss packs. It gives the first chills, sometimes even the biggest ones. It can also cause disgust and come in the form of a salivating ordeal. What is, we agree, very bad! The kiss is the beginning of everything; it must be treated.

The French kiss

Erotic in essence, this kiss makes the tongues dance in a languorous ballet: they caress each other, lick the lips of the other, sound the mouth and move at its interstices. At the same time soft and fiery, long and dazzling, powerful and filled with tenderness, the French kiss, it is the art and the way of associating all this in an embrace, inevitably memorable.

Why? Because he is thick and sensual!

Where and when? Ideally in the street, at a coffee terrace, under an umbrella, in Paris, head bent backward or forwards, depending on whether you are a woman or a man. And if not, at noon or midnight, in the sun or the rain. There is everything you want in the French kiss. In any case, we do not hide! The French kiss is free and does not care to shock.

The kiss of the vampire

Mythical and mystical, this one bites with desire and love. It is almost a little sad, settles in the hollow of the neck, on the nape, or a lip. Put with the tips of the teeth, it is a fiery kiss that turns upside down. In short, well dosed, the embrace of Dracula puts in all states.

Why? Because it is exciting and intoxicating!

Where and when? Everywhere else in public, because this kiss breathes sex.

When it's a bit soft, to scald or provoke your lover.

The stolen kiss

This little kiss of nothing that comes to pick us from who knows where is a charm to eat.

Why? Because he is cute and light!

Where and when? On holidays, in the evening, by way of goodbye or declaration of feelings.

The kiss sucked

He sucks and sucks with tact. He is naughty, teasing, childish; it is a kiss that sucks, it gives lip service.

Why? Because it's delicate and fun!

Where and when? It's a kiss that plays, it came well during the first kisses, at the discovery stage, and it is also given as a hug, at the corner of the sofa.

The daring kiss

This kiss is always deposited where we do not expect it.

Why? Because he is disturbed and sexy!

Where and when? In a moment, a place, or a place that we usually avoid. While the other is talking or having a family lunch, or inside the thighs.

The big kiss well mushy

Presented this way, he can put off; nevertheless, it has been proved that when one is excited, one is less disgusted by what, in normal times, provokes us of repulsion. Thus, when one feels an ardent desire for his lover (e), a wet kiss exchanged on the mouth is far from unpleasant.

Why? Because he is whole and frank!

Where and when? At sea, in the shower, in the heart of antics, as preliminaries when one is in love or very excited by the other.

The crying kiss

Romantic, it sometimes shows sadness, sometimes joy. Be that as it may, this kiss alone expresses the complexity of human relationships and forms of love. It is a kiss in which opposing forces move, pushing us towards highly ambivalent feelings. Although a bit exaggerated, this kiss says how much love makes alive.

Why? Because he is intense and passionate!

Where and when? When eyes are in tears is that cheeks and lips have to be fucked. What does it matter here, where, when, who and what?

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